Top 10 Concrete Contractors in the United States in 2022


Concrete is such an integral part of the construction industry that it is sometimes easy to take it for granted. But contractors can experience huge delays if they don’t have a reliable source of concrete, and a situation that delays mass concrete delivery can even lead to tank construction delays across entire states. Having a trusted concrete supplier is essential.

These concrete contractors have kept their jobs going for the past few years amid the difficulty of the pandemic and other geopolitical issues, and many of them have taken huge strides forward as they climbed higher. Engineering news reports 2021 ranking of specialized contractors. Let’s take a look at the top 10 concrete contractors in 2022.

Rank Company Revenue Previous ranking
1 Baker Construction Companies Inc. $1.55 billion 1 (-)
2 Lithko Contractor LLC $863 million 2 (-)
3 Largo Concrete Inc. $622.2 million 5 (+2)
4 Structural Group Inc. $602 million 3 (-1)
5 Suntec Concrete Inc. $562.2 million 7 (+2)
6 MakeSafway $476.2 million 4 (-2)
seven Concrete keystone $468 million 8 (+1)
8 CECO Construction Group $446.2 million 6 (-2)
9 Kent Companies Inc. $397 million 10 (+1)
ten TAS Concrete Construction LLC $321.8 million 9 (-1)

1. Baker Construction Enterprises Inc.

2020 turnover: $1.55 billion

Previous rank: 1

Baker Construction Enterprises is a general contractor with significant international reach, with 11 affiliates and numerous locations across the United States.

The group’s main concrete subsidiary, Baker Concrete Construction, has a similar distribution, with 16 sites and regional headquarters in Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Texas.

With experience in civil, commercial, multi-family, industrial, institutional and critical projects, the company has a varied and extensive experience in construction, pre-construction and project management.

The company’s varied experience has led to highly publicized work that has kept them number one in ENR’s rankings. Some of Baker Concrete’s major projects include:

The company has a mixed payment reputation based on last year’s data, earning a C Levelset payment score with 55 points out of 100. Reviews from other contractors were in the same range, with Baker Concrete receiving a rating of 3 .7 stars out of 5. stars from anonymous reviews.

2. Lithko Contractor LLC

2020 turnover: $863 million

Previous rank: 2

Lithko Contracting is a concrete contractor based in West Chester, Ohio. The company has a wealth of experience, with experience working on projects in the education, retail, manufacturing, residential and hospitality sectors, among others.

The company also has a unique approach, with details on marketing its “proximity strategy”: 22 semi-autonomous branches across the country that aim to combine the support of a large national company with a focus on local offices.

Lithko has worked consistently to a high standard, remaining in second place on ENR’s Top Concrete Contractors list for the past four years. Some of the company’s recent major projects include:

3. Concrete Largo Inc.

2020 turnover: $622.2 million

Previous rank: 5

Largo Concrete is a Los Angeles-based concrete contractor that specializes in cast-in-place multi-level structures. Citing its ability to “self-complete the entire scope of work” on a project, the company offers formwork, pumping, setting and finishing, architectural concrete, and shotcrete, among others.

The company has experience in a number of industries, setting up structures for projects in sectors such as retail, education, energy, entertainment, healthcare and hospitality. . It primarily has a reach in the western part of the United States, with 10 regional offices in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon and Texas, accompanying its headquarters in Tustin, California.

Largo Concrete has an average payment history over the past 12 months. The company earned a C payment score from Levelset, receiving 61 points out of a possible 100 related to 174 projects worked over the past year.

Some of the company’s major projects include:

4. Structural Group Inc.

2020 turnover: $602 million

Previous rank: 3

Structural Group Inc. is a group of contractors focused on the commercial, public, transportation, water, industrial and energy sectors.

Structural Group claims to be the “largest provider of concrete repair and maintenance in the United States”, with its business primarily focused on infrastructure repair and maintenance. In addition, the company works in new construction and product design.

The company has an international reach, with three offices in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, as well as 23 in the United States. Structural Group also has a fairly positive history with payouts over the past 12 months. It received a B payout score from Levelset, with 81 points out of a possible 100.

Some of the band’s biggest recent projects include:

5. Suntec Concrete Inc.

2020 turnover: $562.2 million

Previous rank: seven

Suntec Concrete bills itself as the largest commercial concrete construction company in the Southwest, with locations in Arizona, Colorado and Utah. With 1,800 employees, the company specializes in structures, tilting panels, earthworks, foundations, concrete placement and finishing, working as a developer and contractor.

Suntec Concrete has an excellent payment history, earning an A payment score from Levelset with a 95 out of 100. In fact, in 293 projects tracked over the last 12 months, no payment issues were reported, which was also true for the whole. duration of 2021.

Some of the company’s recent projects include:

6. Brand Safway

2020 turnover: $476.2 million

Previous rank: 4

BrandSafway is a Georgia-based general contractor with a wide range of expertise in the construction industry. Alongside its activities in scaffolding and industrial services, the company has expertise in concrete formwork and shoring solutions, offering wall and slab formwork as well as shoring solutions to climbing formwork and bridges.

Beyond its broad level of expertise, the company has enormous reach. BrandSafway has 277 locations worldwide, with offices in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. The company even has 139 locations in the United States alone.

The company generally has a decent payout track record, earning a C payout score from Levelset with a 67 out of 100.

BrandSafway has worked extensively in oil and gas, power generation, civil engineering and infrastructure, and commercial construction. Some of BrandSafway’s recent concrete projects include:

7. Concrete Keystone

2020 turnover: $468 million

Previous rank: 8

Based in Texas, Keystone Concrete is a concrete contractor that works in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. The company offers concrete placement, structural concrete, landscaping, residential formwork and construction site services.

With 1,500 employees and offices in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, the company has significant capabilities but remains focused on Texas and the Southwest United States.

The company has an average payment score, earning 72 out of 100 for a Levelset C payment score. However, they have ended up with a decent reputation from those who have worked with them recently, with one contractor calling them “great to work with”.

Some of the company’s recent major projects include:

8. CECO Construction Group

2020 turnover: $446.2 million

Previous rank: 6

Calling itself a “strategic and collaborative design assistance structural concrete contractor”, CECO Construction offers a number of services in both pre-construction and construction. The company has expertise in a number of different delivery methods, such as design-build, design-bid-build, multi-prime CM, integrated project delivery and lean construction.

The company has a broad national reach, with 19 offices in every major geographic region of the United States and works on more than 200 projects per year.

CECO Construction also has a very good history with its recent payment habits, scoring an 85 out of 100 and an A in its Levelset payment score.

Some of CECO Construction’s major projects include:

9. Kent Companies Inc.

2020 turnover: $397 million

Previous rank: ten

Kent Companies is a concrete contractor with offices in Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas. The company has a broad reach, with experience in construction, pumping, site work, building restoration, deep foundation work, facility service, underlayment, flooring and services specialized.

Its portfolio is equally broad, with work performed in the commercial, multi-family, industrial, retail, education, municipal, pier and specialty sectors. Some of the company’s most recent projects include:

10. TAS Concrete Construction LLC

2020 turnover: $321.8 million

Previous rank: 9

TAS Commercial Concrete is a Texas-based contractor that bills itself as “one of the top concrete service providers in many major Texas metropolitan areas including Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio.”

The company emphasizes its large workforce, saying it is able to handle “3.1 million hours of concrete work” a year, and has worked a significant portfolio in multi-family housing , industry, retail, education, religion and healthcare. sectors.

According to data from Levelset, TAS Commercial has a poor recent payment history. They received a D payout score, earning just 27 out of 100 based on data from the previous year’s draft.


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