The American Society of Concrete Contractors recognizes the best in the industry – Occupational Health and Safety


The American Society of Concrete Contractors recognizes the best in the industry

On September 19, the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) recognized concrete contractors with exemplary safety records for the previous year.

Last month at the CCSA Safety and Risk Management Council (SRMC), a handful of awards were presented to companies and contractors in the concrete industry for outstanding safety records and systems. The SRMC is part of the association’s annual conference, and it was held in Chicago, IL this year.

Several prizes were awarded this year. the W price. Burr Bennett for Safety Excellence was awarded to specialty contractor Largo Concrete, Inc. of Tustin, CA and general contractor DPR Construction of Newport Beach, CA. These awards are presented in partnership with CNA, Chicago, to contractors who place the highest priority on safety. Applications are assessed over three years of safety performance indicators, values ​​and trends; a self-assessment checklist of corporate security practices; and detailed descriptions of security plans and culture.

Additional awards at the conference were based on incident rate for 2018 and were presented in four categories.

Many companies reported reduced or no incident rates for the previous year. Forty-one contractors received awards for zero lost time due to accidents. Thirty-nine contractors were recognized for reducing their incident rate. Fifty-eight contractors received certificates for achieving an incident rate below the national average.

Among those who received the Safety Excellence Award were general and specialized contractors. The general contractors with the lowest incident rate were DPR Construction (Southwest Region) of Newport Beach, CA; Korte Construction Co. of Highland, Ill.; and Briegan Concrete Constructors of Clayton, North Carolina. The award-winning specialty contractors were TAS Commercial Concrete Systems of Houston, TX; Proprietary Concrete Systems of Camarillo, California; and Buesser Concrete of Eau Claire, WI.


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