The keys to reinforced concrete penetration in rescue operations are to understand concrete as a building material and to master the methods and techniques of concrete penetration. To understand concrete as a building material, consider its strengths, weaknesses, and methods for making it into various structural components. Concrete penetration methods and techniques include the selection and use of tools and the strategy and tactics of cutting safely in concrete stressed either by fabrication to support a designed load or as a result of ‘a collapse.

Reinforced concrete is a composite of Portland cement, water, aggregates (ci, sand, stone and/or light inorganic particles) and steel. Concrete alone is only strong in compression, it is relatively weak in shear and tensile strength. Reinforced concrete derives its tensile strength from steel, which is embedded in the concrete in the form of rebar in conventional reinforced concrete or stranded steel cables or tendons in prestressed concrete.

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