Newly laid cement concrete roads in twin towns are in poor condition | Hubballi News

Hubballi: The poor condition of many roads in the Twin Cities, laid fairly recently, belies authorities’ claims about the longevity of cement concrete roads. Municipal authorities in Hubballi-Dharwad had claimed that the cement concrete roads would last up to 50 years. Unfortunately, the lack of coordination between the different departments, coupled with the apathetic attitude of the authorities, has resulted in many of these roads falling into a state of serious disrepair. For example, several roads were dug for the construction of speed breakers and the laying of pipes and optical cables, soon after their development. Lacking official supervision, this work was undertaken in a haphazard fashion, leaving the newly raided roads in a sorry state.
Residents, understandably upset by the state of the roads, pointed out that the journey proved to be an ordeal even on the streets selected for the white surface. Lingaraj Nagar resident, PB Patil, a civil engineer, pointed out the use of crusher powder or m-sand in the cement concrete mix used. Pointing out that the powder contained stone dust, Patil added: “If crushed stone is mixed with dust, it won’t last long. Another possible reason could be that an inferior quality of concrete is used. We found that the proportion of aggregates, sand, cement and water is not maintained. Consequently, concrete is necessarily more liquid, which can make it easier to work with, but weaken its stability.
Dharwad-based environmentalist Harshvardhan Sheelavant has questioned the authorities over their apparent failure to release plans to the public on provisions for utilities such as cables and water pipes. “As a result, the roads in places like Manjunathpur, Malamaddi, Ulavi Channabasaveshwar are in a terrible state. But the colonial-era cement concrete roads at RMS-Dharwad Station, an 800-meter-long stretch, the 5.5-kilometer road from DC’s office to Kelageri Lake, are in pristine condition until this day,” he said.
The environmentalist pointed out that the 500-meter-long Lingaraj press road from Emmikeri Makkala Mane to Venkateswar temple road has been transformed into a cement concrete road, while it was asphalted before. “In the last two and a half years it has been dug up again and paved over, after which it is turned into a cement concrete road, which reflects the lack of coordination between the services. The authorities are mandated to make public information on work in progress under the KTTP law. Work on cement concrete roads undertaken over the past three years should be audited,” Sheelavant said.
Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Special Agent Girish Talavar and Deputy Commissioner (Development) E Timmappa were unavailable for comment on the matter.

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