Lead Stream Consulting launches online sales training for concrete contractors in May 2022


In an effort to help concrete contractors increase their sales and be more competitive in the industry, Lead Stream Consulting is launching online sales training in May 2022. The company helps companies with their sales efforts and Marketing since 2017 and is thrilled to offer this new program to help entrepreneurs grow even further. This online training will include video lessons, internet marketing tools and resources to help concrete contractors increase their closing rates.

“With competition increasing every year, it’s more important than ever for estimators and contractors to sharpen their sales skills. Our online sales training will teach contractors how to leverage online tools to automate and empower their processes,” said Kyle Randall, CEO of Lead Stream Consulting.

The online sales training program will be available in May 2022 and will include the following:

– Video lessons on how to use tools to automate customer engagement, like follow-up after quote delivery
– Internet marketing tools, including quote templates, email marketing tools and predefined email campaigns.
– Resources to help increase sales

The training is designed to help entrepreneurs at all stages of their business. Whether participants are just starting out or have been in business for years, this training will help them learn how to find more jobs and increase their profits. The lessons are easy to follow and packed with information to help contractors succeed in the concrete industry.

The new program will offer concrete contractors access to the latest tips and techniques for selling their services, as well as expert advice from industry veterans. Randall said the online sales training program is designed to help concrete contractors compete in today’s market. “The construction industry is constantly changing,” Randall said. “It’s more important than ever for concrete contractors to have access to the latest information and tools to grow their business.”

With this training, Lead Stream Consulting hopes to see an increase in the quality of leads entering contracting companies and an increase in sales conversion rates. The program is also designed to help businesses strengthen their online presence, which will allow them to reach more potential customers and grow their business even further.

Online training modules are available 24/7, so participants can learn at their own pace and at their own pace. Students don’t need any previous experience or training to participate, and they can access lessons from any computer or device.

In addition to online training, Lead Stream Consulting also offers in-person training and one-on-one coaching. To learn more about the online sales training program, visit https://www.leadstreamconsulting.com/

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