IsoTruss Receives EPA Funding for R&D in Fiber Reinforced Concrete Foundations


Photo credit: IsoTruss Inc.

IsoTruss Inc. (Springville, Utah, USA), an engineering, design and manufacturing services provider, has won $100,000 funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. environment (EPA). The Phase 1 award will be applied to the research and development (R&D) of a fiber-reinforced concrete foundation for the company’s carbon fiber lattice cellular telecommunications towers – 12 times stronger than the steel and offering a 70% reduction in carbon emissions – to increase disaster resilience. Future entry into other applications such as roads, bridges and buildings is expected.

“Infrastructure needs to become safer, more sustainable, and more sustainable,” notes Nathan D. Rich, CEO of IsoTruss. “With this grant from the EPA, we can move forward in developing an environmentally friendly composite reinforced concrete foundation aimed at improving resilience while reducing construction time and costs compared to to traditional solutions.

The proposed IsoTruss reinforced concrete foundation aims to improve the resilience compared to reinforced concrete by better combining the axial and shear resistance of the reinforcement, providing more energy absorption and allowing the reinforced concrete IsoTruss to be rated to withstand higher load conditions.

Base of the IsoTruss tower.

Base of the IsoTruss telecommunications tower.

In addition, fiber-reinforced concrete has advantages in terms of reduced installation costs and time. IsoTruss successfully tested the concept with a pilot foam foundation deployment for a commercial customer; through the test, installation costs were reduced by 60% compared to a typical tower foundation.

“This solution will be timely for telecom tower owners with the transition to 5G networks in the United States increasing tower density by approximately 10x, leading to a total addressable market of $75 billion,” adds Cromwell. Wong, COO, IsoTruss Inc.

The company was one of 30 small US companies to receive EPA funding to develop new technologies to address pressing environmental and public health issues.


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