IIT Hyderabad scientists develop affordable ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete


Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology (Hyderabad) have developed an affordable ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) that is used in the construction of bridges and other infrastructure projects.

The cost of UHPRC is made affordable by optimizing the fiber mix and replacing expensive fine aggregates with cheaper, locally available aggregates such as fly ash, river sand and steel.

A team led by S Suriya Prakash, CASTCON Lab (Department of Civil Engineering, IIT-H) developed the product.

“The cost of UHPFRC developed at IITH is about half the cost of commercially available proprietary products,” said an IIT-H spokesperson.

“UHPC mix can be used in a variety of applications, such as bridges, long span structural beams, columns and offshore structures where durability is a major concern,” he said.

“Design guidelines are being developed for practicing design engineers which will promote and increase confidence in the use of UHPFRC for various infrastructure applications in the country,” he said. said Friday in a statement.

The composition combines the best characteristics of self-compacting concrete, fiber-reinforced concrete and high-performance concrete.

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