IIT Hyderabad develops ultra-high performance, low-cost fiber-reinforced concrete for bridges


Hyderabad, Nov 5 (IANS): Using locally available materials like cement, fly ash, river sand, ground granulated blast furnace slag, micro-silica, water, steel fiber, polypropylene fibers and high span water reducer (HRWRA), a team of researchers from IIT Hyderabad (IIT-H) has successfully developed a special affordable ultra-high performance fiber concrete (UHPC).

The cost of UHPFRC developed at IIT-H is about half the cost of commercially available proprietary products, according to a statement on Friday.

Prof. S. Suriya Prakash, CASTCON Lab, Department of Civil Engineering and his research group at IIT-H, reduced costs by reducing the amount of cement, fibers and replacing expensive fine aggregates with less expensive locally available through proper gradation.

The composition combines the best characteristics of self-compacting concrete (SCC), fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC) and high-performance concrete (HPC).

UHPC, developed at IITH for prestressing applications, gives a cubic compressive strength of 150 MPa and a straight tensile strength of 8.0 MPa.

Several full-scale post-tensioned UHPFRC concrete bridge girders were tested to understand the shear behavior.

Test results show that providing minimum web shear reinforcement ratio and adequate dosage of steel fibers leads to better serviceability, ultimate strength and stiffness of bridge girders.

The overall cost of UHPC girders in bridge applications can be further reduced by providing a minimum web shear reinforcement of 0.6% and a hybrid fiber volume dosage of approximately 1%.

Prof. S. Suriya Prakash, CASTCON Lab, IIT-H said, “Several large-scale UHPFRC bridge girders have been tested. bridge prestresses, which will be used to develop design guidelines for practicing engineers.Our research is expected to increase confidence in the use of UHPFRC in India for various infrastructure applications.

Professor BS Murty, Director of the IITH, said: “Strong and sustainable infrastructure is essential for the holistic development of any nation. Developing building materials with improved strength using locally available raw materials is a laudable step towards the realization of our dream of AatmaNirbhar Bharat. I am sure that such innovation will not only benefit local development in terms of economical and efficient infrastructure, but will extend its advantage to the infrastructure sector globally.”


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