Citizens Demand Cement Concrete Access Road for Anandvan Phase II


Currently, the tarmac road leading to the forest is worn out due to poor quality workmanship and requires immediate cement concreting and restoration

Residents of Krishna nagar-Mohammadwadi area demanded immediate concreting works and cement drainage along both sides of the road leading to the Anandvan Phase-II forest currently conserved and developed as a protected forest in under the Forest Conservation Act.

A number of prominent residential corporations have sprung up in the area over the past six years, but the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has failed to provide an access road for the 2 km stretch. Currently, the paved road leading to the forest is worn down due to poor quality workmanship and requires immediate cement concreting and restoration.

Elena Society resident Nizam Shaikh said: “Drainage pipes along both sides are missing and this leads to sewage accumulation on the road. Access roads should be reconstructed with appropriate streetlights along both sides of the road. The access road from the Nine Hills Chowk till Forest Reserve should be constructed so that rainwater flows downstream into the forest area. Currently, the overflow of drainage water and the lack of high-quality cement concrete roads create several obstacles for residents of the area. »

Chairman of Anandvan, Pravin Kumar Anand said, “The asphalt road is incomplete and there are no basic facilities like proper drainage system along the road, resulting in spillage of sewage and the subsequent spread of disease.The forest restoration work is affected by the lack of proper transport facilities and we require special arrangements under the roads to finance me to build a proper cement concrete road on the 2 km section.

Mahesh Sule, manager of a private construction site along the road, said: “The PMC has given permission to construct buildings but has not completed road infrastructure works in the area, which is very inconvenient for citizens and workers who come to the site. on their two and four wheels. This road needs to be constructed immediately as the residents of the area are facing a tough time due to potholes, bumpy driving on the incomplete road and lack of street lighting. »

PMC’s roads department said the road will be built to completion once funds are approved under the civic body’s upcoming budget. However, the developers countered that the road was built by spending money from the corpus of builders’ funds and not from the PMC.

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