CEMEX Advanced Fiber Reinforced Concrete – A perfect alternative to the rising price of wire mesh construction


As steel prices continue to soar, CEMEX encourages contractors, civil engineers and specialty field workers to consider the cost and performance benefits of switching to advanced fiber reinforced concrete.

As an alternative to steel truss construction on large-scale projects, such as roads and bridges, airports and taxiways, including interior floors, the macrofibers of advanced fiber-reinforced concrete CEMEX offer high levels of reinforcement performance, without compromising quality.

According to the latest figures compiled by the Department of Business and Industrial Strategy, the cost of concrete rebar rose 43.6% year-on-year, while the price of structural steel manufactured increased by 35.9%. This is on top of rising labor and fuel costs throughout the supply chain, forcing many to be more discerning when making decisions about specifications, supply and purchase.

CEMEX Advanced Fiber Reinforced Concrete provides mesh-free reinforcement, without the need for traditional rebar. It offers a range of comprehensive benefits to the contractor, with faster, safer and more cost-effective construction, plus additional CO2 reduction potential, saving on overall embodied carbon.

Advanced fiber reinforced concrete is designed to improve post-crack performance and increase impact and abrasion resistance, as well as flexural strength. The fibers are distributed evenly throughout the mix unlike mesh reinforcement, which requires precise positioning to be effective.

Reinforcement without steel mesh can save contractors storage and labor time. The reinforcement process means less waste, as the concrete is mixed and supplied to exacting standards for the level of reinforcement required and in the right quantities to meet the technical specifications of each job. The fiber concrete product is delivered in traditional Readymix vehicles directly to site in a single operation, eliminating the need for additional specialist equipment and on-site cutting and fixing.

CEMEX Advanced Fiber Reinforced Concrete is manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 and is independently certified under the Quality Program for Ready Mixed Concrete (QSRMC). Fiber mix concrete is carefully checked and quality assured at Readymix UK factories.

CEMEX provides bespoke fiber-reinforced concrete, in ready-mixed macro, micro and steel solutions, along with expert technical support to ensure quality products are developed for corrosive ground conditions, extreme weather conditions and high strength requirements.


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